(Video) Snoop Dogg Introduces HIS New Cannabis Line Of Products “Leafs By Snoop”

Oh What a Time To Be Alive!! Snoop D-O-Double G is about to become a Billionaire in the next 10 years, mark my words!! The cannabis industry is on the verge of completely blowing up in the US, some states already making recreational marijuana legal, and we’re only a few years away from it becoming federal(especially if Sen. Bernie Sanders gets elected). Snoop dropping this line of products, ‘Flowers'(code for trees), concentrates, and edibles, now will set him up for when it does go federal….but right now it will be sold in Colorado first.

Legally: Can You Call Me Caitlyn Jenner, The Girl?

Caitlyn Jenner is taking his/her transgender change to the full stretch. He/She has a new outer appearance and has the world calling him/her Caitlyn, so why not legally change the gender (rhetorical). The 65-year-old dad/mom has filed legal documents requesting a judge grants him/her the official gender change, however, with this change request comes a few secrets that Caitlyn is afraid of getting out. Find out more.

At Last…. Happy 18th Birthday, Kylie Jenner!

We’ve watched the Kardashian-Jenner clan grow throughout the years via reality TV and social media, documenting the different stages of their lives. As for the youngest of the group, out of nowhere – Kylie became this curvy, gorgeous young woman. The only problem is, she wasn’t even 18 yet so we all feel like creeps lusting over her. WELP FOLKS, the time has come…. KYLIE IS OFFICIALLY LEGAL TODAY! I can only imagine how excited Tyga is about this (since now “technically” people can’t gun him for dating a minor anymore). No wonder he went all out and copped his PYT a brand new whip. for her born day Just to celebrate the fact that Kylie is now officially old enough to be looked at, enjoy some sexy photos of the 18-year-old in the gallery.

B.B. King’s Children Are In Legal Trouble With His Agent?!

The legendary B.B. King’s children are potentially in legal trouble with his agent. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today

The case weighs on, heavily as Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today. Heading in for the first time since the re-revised bail package was withdrawn in February, the legal defense of Shmurda and the GS9 Kenneth Montgomery says it’s still a fight. He’s also given an update on how Bobby’s doing, what he’s looking to do next in terms of legal strategy and how close Bobby is to getting out.

Confederate Flag License Plate Battle Reaches The U.S. Supreme Court

Looks like this issue has not gone away, as the federate flag license plate battle reaches the U.S. Supreme Court. On Monday the issue will go up for review in front of the Supreme Court over Texas rejecting a specialty license plate displaying the Confederate flag. Read more inside.

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