IFWT_Leafs By Snoop
Oh What a Time To Be Alive!! Snoop D-O-Double G is about to become a Billionaire in the next 10 years, mark my words!! The cannabis industry is on the verge of completely blowing up in the US, some states already making recreational marijuana legal, and we’re only a few years away from it becoming federal(especially if Sen. Bernie Sanders gets elected). Snoop dropping this line of products, ‘Flowers'(code for trees), concentrates, and edibles, now will set him up for when it does go federal….but right now it will be sold in Colorado first.

Tat Wza

I assume it will also be sold in the D.C. area recreational dispensaries as well at some point, but for now just Colorado. Snoop has already begun expanding the product line by dropping a side line that’s umbrella’d under “Leaf’s By Snoop”(or ‘LBS’ for short) called ‘Dogg Treats’ which seem like the edibles, listing things like Peanut Butter Gems, Gummies, Drops and Fruit Chews. Snoop and crew launched the line in Denver at a private event, here watch the recap;

Of course all of this was put out to the world via his NEW digital platform ‘Merry Jane’, which is keeping track of everything in the cannabis industry!! Check out the gallery to see how the products are marketed, hit the source for more info, and there’s a purchase link at the bottom incase you can legally purchase these items ??????.

Source: MJ

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