Nicki has finally responded to the lawsuit filed against her by her former wig maker, Terrence Davidson, who claimed Minaj stole his wig designs and cheated him out of millions of dollars. Seems like she’s still laughing her way to the bank, even with the $30 million suit looming over her head.


Hip hop’s Barbie seems pretty confident that the lawsuit is phony as plastic and won’t go anywhere, saying that the former wig maker is just bitter because he “lost his most famous client.” Nicki is urging the judge to drop the suit being that she pretty much made his career. Guess that means she can break it too. That’s the biz though, Davidson, suck it up.

Nicki also dissmissed allegations of her talking out Davidson from doing a reality TV show because she allegedy claimed it would ruin the twos relationship. Her statement read:

“his self-described talents are insufficient to garner the same types of business opportunities he may have received when serving as Mrs. Maraj’s hairstylist.”

In layman’s terms, the Head Barb In Charge is saying you didn’t have a shot at show without me and you weren’t getting one with me. Not her fault his “talents” weren’t up to par. Dropping the wigman was probably one of Nicki’s best career moves anyway, in my opinion. Her natural look is doing her wonders, Minaj looks better than ever going back to her roots sans ridiculous pink wigs.

It’s highly doubtful this case will end in Davidson‘s favor. I mean, if pissing off Nicki ruined your career in the first place, do you really think suing her would make the situation any better? This woman is standing on the top of the world right now, sorry Terrence, but I don’t think you can reach that high.