Pharrell’s “Happy” movement has even spread to the middle east and is causing a ruckus on twitter. A group of young people in Iran recreated the “Happy” video by dancing and singing which was posted to Youtube.

“We wanted to tell the world that the Iranian capital is full of lively young people, and change the harsh and rough image the world sees on the news,” said Neda one of the participants in the video. Unfortunately the Iraninan government solidify’d this view when they were arrested for the “vulgar” video. An Iranian police official had this to say on the matter :
” Our dear youths should try to avoid these kind of people. Like actors, singers, and these kind of problems. Try to avoid it.” The masses took to Twitter to voice there opinions and created the hash-tag #freehappyiranians. Pharrell also took to Twitter and said ” Its beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness.”