Ardie Fuqua Tweeted A Picture Before And Of The Limos In Tracy Morgan Crash
Reports earlier reported that the Walmart Truck driver that struck Tracy Morgan’s Limos was charged with death by auto. Recent updates reveal that one of the comedians that supposedly was on the bus tweeted an actual picture of the limos before the accident!
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Tracy Morgan and a couple of comedians were critically injured, killing one in an accident Saturday morning on the New Jersey Turnpike. It was just revealed that one of the comedians that were a part of the crew tweeted a picture of the mercedes limos just before the crash.

Ardie Fuqua tweeted a picture of the limos and wrote,
“This is what it looks like from the stage to see a standing ovation from 1500 people. Then we traveled back to NYC in style in a luxury Mercedes Sprinter. Road life is a good life!”

Judah Friedlander, Tracy’s former 30 Rock co-star, tweeted that Fuqua and another comedian, Harris Stanton was involved in the crash however, The New Jersey State Police did not confirm their involvement.

What is known is that seven were involved in all with Tracy and 2 more critically injured, four hospitalised, one in “fair condition” and one killed, James McNair.

More was revealed on Ardie Fuqua after retrieving his post was sad news to readers as the comedian lost his son, Ardley Jamaal Fuqua, 2 years ago in May.

So tragic.
Updated on the story are still coming in

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