Kaylin Garcia x Sage The Gemini

Kaylin Garcia infamously twerked her way into Sage The Gemini’s heart earlier this year, and though the pair hadn’t even met in person, the 21-year-old rapper and the 22-year-old model made their union official. Unfortunately, the relationship ended before it could even really start (and seemingly before they ever even met? I mean, we still haven’t seen a photo of them together!) and after a Twitter rant about “unfaithful” women and his single status, Sage all but confirmed the two had called it quits. He’d later backtrack and say he wasn’t referring to Kaylin, but it was rather useless after he’d already proudly claimed her as his own in a series of promo interviews for his debut album, Remember Me.

So, what happened? Kaylin is finally opening up about the situation, revealing that though she still cares for him, she feels he has a lot of growing to do before they can really make something work. She also discussed her 1-year celibacy – which she feels is also a factor in why the pair didn’t go the distance. Check out the full interview below. I hope these two eventually can make it work…they’d be so cute together!

Marisa Mendez

Source: Vlad