It seems like Vin Diesel has become more than a diva on the set of “Fast & Furious 7”. He’s become completely unbearable. So much so, a source from the set reveals that the star has been so difficult to work with, that some have fantasized about using facial-replacement technology as a sub for Vin Diesel. The same technology used to put Walker in the film!

Jade Raven

A source tells The Hollywood Reporter:

“Vin spent a whole day in his trailer one day,” says one insider. “The next day, they waited four hours for him. He called a meeting [May 28] of studio execs to his trailer for two-and-a-half hours to say, ‘What the f— am I doing here?’ ” The next day, work was done with doubles. Another source confirms that progress has been frustrating, with the crew suffering from “low morale.” Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley flatly denies trouble: “This production is working through some challenges that are historically unprecedented. The crew and cast, led by Vin, have been nothing but terrific under these circumstances.”

Unfortunately, the filming process has been slower than usual because of the technical demands of re-creating late star Paul Walker. Hopefully the cast and crew can pull it together to finish this great film in lieu of their late cast mate.