Khloe Kardashian And Scott Disick Take Bubble Bath
Lots of news has been swirling around the Kardashian Clan as news was just released this week that Scott Disick had alcohol poisoning last month.
Appearing since the release of the story, Scott and khloe posted a picture in a bubble bath together!
Check it out after the jump!

Nqobi C

Friday night, Khloe and Scott took to their Instagram a rather too intimate moment….maybe being shared with the wrong person?

Well, thats the impression a lot of fans are getting of the Instagram post as you see in the photos in the gallery.

Obviously, the photo was taken in humour as everyone knows how close the families are.

However, some just can’t get past how Scott captioned it

“…The Lord and his lady…”

Check out the photos in the gallery to see what everyone is talking about!