A jury convicted a New Jersey man of murder in the killing of his ex-wife. Her offense? A messy housekeeper apparently. Prosecutors say he used a 8 inch knife, to brutally slay her. He faces life in prison and is set for sentencing on September 12.


Anthony Novellino, 66, was found guilty on all charges including murder, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, unlawful possession of a weapon, hindering his own apprehension and tampering with evidence. Authorities say that after he stabbed her 86 times and then put a pigs mask on her face. The victim was coming back to their once shared home in Denville, New Jersey to retrieve some items she left behind when her ex-husband murdered her. Prosecutors argued that the fact that he placed a pigs mask over her face after the stabbing indicates a deliberate state of mind and shows intention. “You don’t methodically go to the closet and pull out a pig mask and put it on her without being fully aware of your actions.” Lawyers have argued temporary insanity referring to divorce papers stating that Judith Novellino kept a very messy home. Grounds for murder? I think not.