Hot 97 Jay Dixon
Unless you have been living in a cave, you must know about Hot 97 and how poppin’ they get especially when it comes to giving their audience what they want! Music, realness, exclusive interviews and Summer Jam… come on. So it should come as no surprise that Program Director, Jay Dixon, believes that Hot 97 could dethrone Z100.
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Nqobi C

Permanent program director, Jay Dixon, sees bigger and greater things for Hot 97. In a statement released on Thursday, Dixon cannot see any reason as to why Hot 97 can not make it back on top.

Currently holding the top position, Z100, Dixon said,

“I see where the opportunity is. If Z100 (WHTZ) is the No. 1 station now, Hot should be there,”

With a strong resume in radio (He also worked on programming for Kiss FM), Dixon saw that Hot97 has beaten rival Power 105.1 and Z100 in the June rating among 18-34 year olds.

In the late 1990s, Hot97 was the top in New York City until Clear Channel started Power 105.1 which lead to the Hip-Hop audience splitting between the two stations.

Dixon said,

“I can only focus on what we’re doing, not on other stations,but we can do this. I see some real chances for us to grow.Things are very different now than they were before, even five years ago. Radio is different. Hip-hop culture is different.”

As for Hot 97 after Angie Martinez left, Dixon stated they are still looking for the right permanent host for the afternoon show, saying,

“There are a lot of talented people out there, we want the one who fits for us. Cipha Sounds has been doing an exceptional job holding it down, so we’re not going to rush it.”

It’s not about where you’ve been it about where you’ve at and how you’ve came from the darkness, Don’t underestimate the OG, Hot97.

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