There’s been barely any buzz about it… But unfortunately, Beyonce may have come a little bit out of her clothes!

As excited concertgoers jammed in the audience as Bey and husband Jay Z killed the stage at the Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 27.

In the midst of the performance, the Queen’s Dolce&Gabbana-designed ensemble didn’t do it’s best job to contain her breasts as her boobs literally fell out of her blouse!

The “Drunk In Love” singer managed to get a few seconds into her performance when she noticed her white blouse kept moving a little too much for her liking.

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Beyonce quickly reacted and held her hand over her cleavage, because before anything – she is a PROFESSIONAL. YESSS BEY!

It does appear as though Beyonce wore a nude bra during her performance, but… It still showed :\ it’s okay Bey you nailed the performance.

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Source Hollywood Life