This is extremely interesting for us New Yorkers! An Expo taking place this weekend will show ‘business’ people how to start the a legit way of making money with Marijuana.

Tat Wza

With states legalizing marijuana at a high rate, and the people just waiting for the federal government to go federal with the legalization, the weed industry is in an upward boom, and now is the time to get involved, this weekend expo is just for that;

“If you want to be one of the businesses that are providing these services or these products to the end user, the patients,” said Dan Humiston of the International Cannabis Association.

New York has limited medical legalization(that starts in 2016), so the potential for growth is definitely here, as long as guidelines are followed, like making sure it’s in oil form, NOT actual tree.

“A grow facility, where you would actually grow the marijuana and produce it, change it to an oil form, because in New York State, it’s going to be only in the oil form,” Humiston said.

They’re really trying to reach the people, people that want to make money and be involved in this industry, including lawyers and accountants, but the local block worker should not come down thinking there will be a stash of that goodness to go back to the block with, this is not a re-up, this is that next level, really only meant for Bosses….which is why I will go down to Marriott Marquis in Times Square, as long as I can get this $499 together!

Can I get a small discount for promoting it???