#420 Dave East | Funk Flex | Dj Chubby Chub

Dave East just came through after the tragedy with Nipsey Hussle not even a month ago, and all though we’re all still grieving, Dave Explains to Funk Flex What #420 Means to him!

(Video) Check Out How To Make Legal Money From Weed In NYC!

This is extremely interesting for us New Yorkers! An Expo taking place this weekend will show ‘business’ people how to start the a legit way of making money with Marijuana.

(Video) Want To Know Exactly How Weed Interacts With The Brain…Here It Is!!!

Ok all day I look for things to get up, and usually ask one of our glorious bloggers to get up(ASAP), but this one…being scientific, and I’m a super geek, well it was all me! That and I’m a ‘Tree Hugger’ 0_0

(Photo) So THIS Is the 1st Guy To Ever Buy Legal Weed, and He’s Doing WHAT With It?!

Yesterday was really historic for American history, as Colorado ushered in the 1st ever recreational Marijuana sales in the U.S.!!! Apparently the guy in the front of the line recognized this as the historic event that it is, and has some solid plans for it!

(Video) Clouds Of Smoke Follow Justin Bieber Getting Out Of Van

This kid has def been on a bad boy tear, and now a days Justin getting out of a van with…not even clouds, but billows of smoke to follow is not unusual. Check it out anyway!

Justin Bieber’s Drug Of Choice Revealed?!

Personally, I don’t call it a ‘drug’, as drugs are man made, I call it an herb!!! A pilot from a private jet that flew Biebs somewhere has some interesting news.

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