Yesterday was really historic for American history, as Colorado ushered in the 1st ever recreational Marijuana sales in the U.S.!!! Apparently the guy in the front of the line recognized this as the historic event that it is, and has some solid plans for it!

Tat Wza

*See Gallery For The Historic Weed Purchaser*

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been known to enjoy the cannabis once and a while, but regardless, of anyone’s POV of weed, this was a historic day, much like buying alcohol after prohibition. So Sean Azzariti(32) has decided to to take his newly purchased 3.5 grams of ‘Bubba Kush’, ruffle edible, and his $57 receipt from the dispensary, and GIVE them to a museum(not sure which one yet. Sean goes on to say “It’s a piece of history, dude.”.

It tell you what, I’m not sure I could do that, but this guy really gets the enormity of the situation!!!