The beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea was quite hard to miss with all the media coverage, and Azealia Banks has noticed. Though Snoop and Iggy have made up thanks to T.I., Azealia questions how the media has handled the story, compared to her own beef with T.I.

Jade Raven

The Harlem, New York rapper went on a Twitter rant questioning where the “white” media when she and T.I. were beefing.

“Where was the white media when T.I threatened to push me down the stairs though,” she questioned in a tweet that she sent out on Wednesday night.

Banks questioned why T.I. didn’t verbally attack Snoop like he did her. Azealia, also called the “black” media’s motives into question when she retweeted Mass Appeal magazine digital mascot Ted Bawno.

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