Teyana Taylor

Recently Singer Teyana Taylor got intimate in her “Rolling Out” Feature. She talks music, life, and love as well as dropping some wisdom on how she copes with negativity.



Ms. Taylor is finally dropping her long anticipated debut album VII (which symbolizes completion) and in her recent feature with “Rolling Out” Magazine she gives the scoop on her thoughts about the completion of VII, being mentored by musical genusies Pharrell and Kanye West, as well as spilling about her love life to which she refers to as her “peace of mind”.

Taylor, also drops a few gems of wisdom about how she deals with haters and negativity (which I believe we all can take from in some way shape or form)

“If you can take compliments, then you should be able to take when people have negative things to say. It’s very hurtful, but I don’t block it out. It hurts, then I speak about it, and then it’s over. You’ll read one negative comment that will really have you pissed off. But once you relax a little bit and calm down and think about the good, then it makes you feel better, and you go about your day.”

Teyana’s “Rolling Out” Feature is definitely worth the read. It is an inimate affair, as we step into the world of this singer/dancer/actress who is about to begin her reign in the music world. Check it out in the gallery above.