No Indictment Filed Against Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting. Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of all charges in the fatal August 9th shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by the grand jury Monday night.

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President Obama Speaks on No Indictment Filed Against Officer Darren Wilson at the nations Podium to talk about the Mike Brown Verdict from the Grand Jury. He says we need to think about the Brown Family, as they lost the most with their Son already Gone. He also said we need to think about the Police that risk their lives everyday for us. This is Not just a Ferguson issue, but an American issue. We need to think about police training for low income communities, as low income communities need police the most with high crime rates.

President Obama recalls having gone through some instances as a young man that were unjust and this shows how America can change.

Also Violence is starting to erupt in ferguson, media starting to wear gas masks, and being gassed. Protesters are destroying police vehicles, Gunshots heard in the background. Stay tuned as we will be updating asap!

Reportedly the crowd became upset as Mike Brown’s Mom got upset.

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Crowd being distrust through tear gas, bean bag shots, and military style weapons.

Verdict post:
The Brown family is “profoundly disappointed by tonights verdict. As protesters gathering outside the police department in Ferguson, the family of Mike Brown do not want violence.

CNN reports that the Brown’s family is asking for four and a half minutes of silence before any protests begin, family representative Janie Jones said.

“We are not here to be violent. We are here in memory of our son. We are here for protection of all children. We are here to support justice and equality for all people. We lift our voices to ensure black and brown men, women and children can live in this country without being devalued because of the color of our skin,” the family said in a statement.

No Indictment Filed Against Officer Darren Wilson