IFWT_nypd brutality
This is another crazy video of a police arrest of a citizen, Times Square Arrest Shows Cops Aggression, now we don’t know if the citizen is guilty or not, but either way, the punching in the face seems VERY unnecessary! Police are so all over the place, a couple uniform cops come and start to lay out the ‘under covers’ for punching n the citizen, and the homeless guy with the ‘I need money for weed’ sign screaming stop to the cops adds confusion, but it also seems because he’s white, the cops politely ask him to move on….wow.

Tat Wza

Times Square Arrest Shows Cops Aggression, now when they stop waling on the guy, he starts yelling ‘you got that on tape right?’ to the camera man, and the camera man responds ‘yeah I got it all’, but the camera man also answers someone on the side asking what he did with ‘I think he was joking and asked the cop if he wanted some weed’, which I could see because of the homeless guys sign ‘I need money for weed’. Although we don’t have all the facts, it seems like this is a case of overreaction, the guy under arrest, and the homeless guy obviously know each other, they more than likely joke with each other all the time, and tees cops thought they had one, so the ‘went in’.

Also peep how the cop punching the guy, is the one the uni’s put on the ground, but when he’s cleared, they walk him away…what’s that about???