What the hell is wrong with some people? How does a situation like this even end with a call to police for help? An employee of Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan called the police after Floyd Mayweather tried to use the bathroom at the store. Confused? You should be because the woman’s actions make no sense and sounds like she had other motives.


Floyd simply was trying to use the bathroom like any other regular person when an employee literally tried to jump in front of him to prevent him access to the bathroom. Now this seemingly ungrateful employee wanted to stop him from using the bathroom, but didn’t want to stop him from spending thousands and leaving with about 10 bags.

She claimed there was a private event going on which is why she didn’t want Floyd using the bathroom, but according to him he saw numerous people go use it and that’s how he knew where the bathroom was.

After Floyd didn’t listen to her and went in the bathroom anyway, this lady literally called the cops, claiming he had called her “bitch”. I’m sorry, but even if that was true about what he said that is still not a crime, and trying to use the bathroom at a store where you are spending a hell of alot of money is also not a crime.

In fact he said if anyone was nasty it was the woman, and not him. He insists she just turned it into a big deal because of who he is. Police declined to do anything on the scene as they should of. The employee should he ashamed of herself because this entire story is ridiculous.