The Knicks were playing the Bulls last night and as the usual story of this season goes, the Knicks lost. Aside from the game itself though there was some entertainment going on via social media courtesy of Phil Jackson. He grew tired of Charles Barkley criticizing the triangle offense over and over so he decided to say something about it.


Phil just had enough of the Chuckster going on on his Knicks and the offense so he fired a shot via twitter:


Now Charles does not do social media, but word still got to him and he replied via ESPN.

Barkley responded at halftime by saying, “I can respect Phil Jackson … But he’s too old to be tweeting.”

Barkley added: “He takes it personal when people talk about the triangle. … You need players, the league has always been about players, and always will be.”

A minute later, Barkley concluded that “Phil’s gotten sensitive in his old age.”

Charles has constantly been a Knicks hater for years now, always seemingly to go extra when he speaks of them, but then again with how they look on the court this season and last, can you really blame him?