Cops Shoot Suspect 15 Times. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. A man is surrounded by a bunch of cops, has his hands up and still gets shot by the cops. Oh you’ve heard this story before? No, not that one this is a new one. Read more after the jump!

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A man who stabbed a college student to death was apprehended in front of a convenient store by several officers. He was told to put his hands up and he did so but did not drop the knife he used to stab his victim. You can hear the officers yelling in the video below “Drop The Knife” then followed it up five seconds later with 15 direct shots to the man. Now I do not agree with the suspect still having the murder weapon in his hand when apprehended but 15 shots? Really? How about one or two shots to DISABLE the man then arrest and take him into custody. Police officers are trained to assess and diffuse the situation, not shoot to kill when they feel like it. Some may see this as karma because the suspect had stabbed someone to death prior but I see this as a huge issue that something is seriously wrong with the way cops are trained to handle situations. These are the people that are supposed to be protecting us, not deciding if we live or not. What do you guys think about this video, were the cops justified in the shooting or not?

Source: VladTv