JR Smith will eventually be happy the Knicks traded him to a much better team, but at the moment feelings are still a little hurt. Smith threw a slight jab at the Knicks yesterday aside from basically complaining about how the triangle offense works. I must admit though I am on his side with his comments about the organization as a whole.


“Everybody in the building was pretty much walking on eggshells, so it’s kind of hard to prosper that way, especially when you’re not accustomed to it,” Smith said before going scoreless in 18 minutes in Cleveland’s loss to Houston. “But I’m sure they’ll get it right.”

He is 100% right about that! Owner James Dolan is such a weirdo that he takes things personally that players or personnel might step up and speak about. I mean have you looked around MSG at all this season? Isn’t it obvious there are multiple things wrong, yet nobody really wants to speak on it.

JR also had a problem with the triangle offense, which could be the main reason the trade was made because it was clear he just was not comprehending the offense.

“I mean, it’s just difficult learning a new system, a new way to play. The whole culture over there pretty much changed,” Smith said. “I mean, a lot of guys have certain routines when they get on the court, when they don’t get on the court, and all of that was so flip-flopped and it kind of caught everybody off guard.”

I just hope he will be happy in the long run because he was just going to waste a season if he stayed in New York.