50 Cent

Boxer Adrien Broner has never been shy when it comes to speaking his mind but when he rejected Jay Z’s offer to join Roc Nation Sports, he went wayyyy overboard.  Fellow boxing promoter and music mogul, 50 Cent says Adrien Broner shouldn’t have done that.

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Jay Z offered Broner a five-year, $40 million deal.  Broner rejected it saying he’s worth more than $8 million a year.  He also felt insulted that Hov sent his workers to email Broner and didn’t talk to him personally; citing that he’s a “boss” and bosses talk to bosses.  He then went way off the deep end saying Jay should “s*ck an elephant d*ck”.  TMZ even asked him about Rihanna if being closer to her would be an incentive to which he said f*ck Rihanna, she can’t give him anything but some p*ssy. YIKES!

TMZ Sports caught up with 50 Cent who runs SMS promotions, a boxing promoting company he started before Roc Nation Sports came about.  50 says not only should Broner have taken Jay Z’s deal, he shouldn’t have said the crazy things he did.

50 — a pretty big boxing fan — thinks Broner mishandled the situation big time.

If you missed what Adrien Broner had to say, here it is: