Terrible tattoos are almost a norm now a days so this is definitely not a surprise but still a let down . Some guy got a tattoo “The Dress” YES THE BLACK AND BLUE BUT SOMETIMES WHITE AND GOLD DRESS !! HOP INTO THE POST FOR DETAILS !!!

Daniel Howland is this guys name , and he was moved so much by the memes, media attention and celebrity debates on twitter that he felt that she should get the dress permanently painted on his body !!

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Daniel Howland told sources that “It was one internet thing that I really couldn’t wrap my brain around” and that “It was very frustrating . Because of this , I thought it would be fun to get the dress tattooed on my leg”

The Tattoo of the dress is blue and black because Daniel Howland says “I saw the dress as white and gold for a brief period when I was drinking . But then I looked at it again and it was definitely blue and black” The dress is surrounded by the words “White and Gold”. You may think this tattoo of the dress stupid but Daniel Howland ALSO says its “Dumb” So trust me your thoughts are not far off.