I seriously hope Lebron is not this petty, but it sure seems to be the case. According to reports, Lebron forced the Nets and NBA security to force an elderly fan named “Mr. Whammy” to be relocated from his seat, all because Bron had a fit when he missed a free throw.


Mr. Whammy – Canarsie resident Bruce Reznick – who stands behind the basket and waves his hands and yells to distract players as they’re shooting from the line, claims that James instructed security to remove him from his usual spot a couple feet behind the basket stanchion after James missed a free throw with 10:06 left in the first quarter, trying to convert a three-point play.

At first Reznick said he was told by NBA security to move. Then he was told by Barclays security to move.

Finally, Mr. Whammy was asked by Nets CEO Brett Yormark to move back midway through the second quarter, he said.

“He said, ‘Do me a favor, please move back so that NBA security doesn’t throw you out,’” Reznick said at the half. “LeBron is a cry baby. I know it was him that asked the security to make me move. He doesn’t like that I make him miss. He thinks he’s more powerful than anyone in the NBA.”

Mr. Whammy wound up watching his Nets beat Lebron and the Cavs so I am sure he was happy about that. I really hope Bron is not corny like that.