Coming into Thursday’s game against his old Heat team, Lebron just need two points to pass Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing on the all time scoring list. He went ahead and did that early in the first quarter, but you have to really look at the numbers to see just how prolific Lebron really is.


As James took on his former team at Quicken Loans Arena, his first pair of points of the night gave the Cavs a 12-11 lead with seven minutes and 22 seconds to go in the opening frame.

Ewing, who starred for the New York Knicks for the majority of his playing career, finished with 24,815 points in 17 seasons. This just goes to show how prolific the 30-year-old James is, with plenty of years ahead to play.

Next up for James to pass on the scoring list is Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West, whose silhouette is the centerpiece of the NBA’s logo. West has 25,192 career points, so it won’t be long before King James eclipses him.

Although it would take playing into his late 30’s, at his current pace Lebron has a legit chance to catch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the top scoring spot ever. Jabbar has held the record for what seems like forever with 38,387 career points. You have to think though Bron’s scoring will slowly decline after another couple years as his body changes and he does more things on the court besides just scoring.