It went down yesterday live at RockstarGames for some #GTAOnline for next-gen GTAV on the PS4 system, and let me tell you a GREAT time was had, S/O to L’s(Juelz Santana for the most MDK’s and great strategy thought the game, Zeekey most def held his own, Jmi got there a little late but did him, and Killa didn’t make it, but ‘Killa Crunch‘ was there!!!

Tat Wza

Rockstar always on point and brought together some great gaming with the Hip Hop rockstars(no pun) #Dipset, check it out;

Watch live video from RockstarGames on Twitch

Yes I was there, but that’s just what I do, XXL mentioned that the game was explained by ‘some people more versed in the game’, well that was me and the Rockstar Staff. Check out Rockstars Twitch channel later today for Taan Boys Vs. Flatbush Zombies!!