All you hear is the blame game between Mayweather and Pacquiao’s camps as to why tickets for the biggest fight in history still hadn’t gone on sale. They eventually cut the b.s. and tickets went on sale to the public yesterday but there was a HUGE catch. It was initially reported that only 1,000 tickets would be available for purchase but by the time yesterday came around that number had been cut in half to only 500! Tickets went on sale at 3pm yesterday and obviously you had to be quick because they were gone fast, even the expensive seats!


By some reports, the tickets were gone in less than 60 seconds, and given the fact only 500 were available it makes sense. The most expensive tickets available to buy were $7,500 and even those were scooped up quick.

Not surprisingly a short time after the tickets sold out, there were a bunch available for resale via StubHub and a couple other outlets with some asking prices being over $100,000! If you were lucky enough to buy a face value ticket it was definitely one of the best investments you could make. They really should have allowed more tickets for purchase for such a monumental fight but in the boxing world everything centers around greed.