Yes,a homeless man works in the U.S Capitol. Charles Gladden has been working consistently at the United States Capitol for eight years and doesn’t have the money to fully support his finances.As a result, Gladden resorts to living in the streets.


63-year-old Gladden works in the U.S Capitol cafeteria by day and then sleeps on the cold streets by night. It is very confusing for anyone to understand how someone who works in the U.S Capitol can end up being homeless. Gladden wakes up early each day and gathers his belongings just like the rest of the homeless community. Gladden cleans up by washing in a bird bath and then reports to work. Multiple people that work at the U.S Capitol have the same job as Gladden but manage to live comfortably. These workers are able to get a second job unlike Gladden.

Gladden stated:

“I don’t want to be an embarrassment to this country”.

In a country filled with poverty and low-waged laborers,this type of story might piss someone off.People working in the U.S Capitol were unaware that Gladden was homeless.Gladden makes a hourly wage of eleven dollars and brings home a decent check that barely supports his family.Gladden was involved in a one day strike that urged employers to mandate a hourly wage of at least fifteen dollars.The United States government continues to search for the answers to America’s issues but refuses to be concerned about the everyday people right in front of them. Hopefully Gladden get’s the financial support that he needs !