French Montana Talks to Flex about Watching His Mom Struggle, Cocaine City DVD, Akon Gifting Fake Watch

These #WeGotaStoryToTell’s are getting really good, Flex is navigating exactly where the streets and the music marry each other!! French Montana stopped by the all new CIROC Studios and broke down a few things about his life that you may not have known about. Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD) Someone on social media said ‘Flex you on to something here’ and that is 100 percent correct, at lest that’s the way it’s shaping up! French dropped knowledge on his early life, growing up in the US with just him and his Mom after his father went back to north Africa, the BX in the 80’s/90’s, starting Cocaine City, meeting Drug Dealer legends(WE DO NOT CONDONE but it is a thing in the hood), and a story Flex dragged out of French, although I do think French would like this to get ‘fixed up’ ?

Young Thug On Helping Hometown Poverty: “I Want To Always Stay Involved”

Young Thug isn’t just giving around the holidays…according to him and his girlfriend, Thug looks like Santa Claus year around everytime he goes back to Atlanta because he truly gives out what he can to the community he came from.

A Homeless Man Works In The U.S Capitol?

Yes,a homeless man works in the U.S Capitol. Charles Gladden has been working consistently at the United States Capitol for eight years and doesn’t have the money to fully support his finances.As a result, Gladden resorts to living in the streets.

(Video) Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’

How bout let’s not: Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’ and attempt to “endure poverty” on a strict budget for one week (SMH). Check please! …But seriously the latest to sign up for New York’s #FoodBankNYCChallenge has caught a lot of flack, many say rightly so. Is this a good thing, the definition of being “on the wrong side of right” or just one big nah???

(Photo) Jay Z To Headline Free Concert – Global Citizen Festival

Log into the Global Citizen website, take action, earn points and you will get a chance to win free tickets to the third annual Global Citizen Festival, headlined by Jay Z. The concert for the Global Poverty Project will take place September 27 in New York’s Central Park. This is about more than a free show – its about creating awareness of poverty and what can be done to change the circumstances by 2030. Check out the jump to see who else is involved and what Jay has to say about the special event.

American Dream Deferred: 80% Of Americans Will Deal With THIS!!!

A recent survey made for the Associated Press revealed that our nation’s gap between the rich and poor is growing wider. The reason may seem logic from both aspects, despite one class severely suffering from the gap. The losses are poverty and welfare dependency. Unfortunately, they are a effects of unemployment.

Study Shows That THIS Has More Longtime Effects On Children Than Parental Cocaine Use!!!

A recent study from the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia has recently revealed that babies born to parents who used cocaine while pregnant, had no significant long-term growth effects different than those who’s parents didn’t use. Twenty-Five years ago, the government Ok’d a $7.9 million study on the growth of “crack babies.’ The researcher was supposed to document the long-term health effects that crack/cocaine use while pregnant was severely detrimental to children. While reviewing the study, researchers, instead, found out that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

Poverty Remains The Same And Income Drops

The number of Americans living below the poverty line stayed the same as last year after three straight years of increases. The overall income for Americans has dropped. This is according to data released today by the Census Bureau. Click below to read more. Jason J.

(Video) The New American Dream: Living On FoodStamps In Middle-Class Suburbia

Morris County, NJ, which was once one of the country’s wealthiest counties, is now facing a rise in food-stamps. The number of people receiving food stamps in that county has tripled within the past five years. A family who one made six figures a year is now trying to get by on minimum wage. Click below to hear their story, and to see the reality of the American Dream. Melissa Nash

Census Reveals 49.1 million Americans Live In Poverty

New census estimates show the number of Americans living in poverty is higher than previously known reaching a new level of 49.1 million. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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