Young Thug isn’t just giving around the holidays…according to him and his girlfriend, Thug looks like Santa Claus year around everytime he goes back to Atlanta because he truly gives out what he can to the community he came from.

Frankie Zing

Jeffry has a new interview with PAPER mag and in it he details the fight against poverty and what he can do as an artist to help:

“I never want my kids to feel like they don’t have anything. I had my first child at 14/15, so you can only imagine [what it was like in the beginning]…When you’re poor you do anything to survive. You rob and take… Now I can give my kids anything they want… The holidays are when families make the most memories. It’s the one time of year when the family comes together to celebrate something. Our families celebrate Christmas and food is always the center of Christmas Day. But when you don’t have food, the day just seems off.You’re not just going to sit and look at each other — you want to be able to eat and laugh [in the company] of your loved ones.”

When speaking on being charitable to Atlanta residents, he said:

“Whenever I go back to my side of town — Cleveland Ave [in South Atlanta] — I know I have to bring money, because there’ll be friends or cousins or people I knew from 6th grade who are going to ask me for money. My fiancée always says I look like Santa Claus, because I’m just giving everyone something.”

Check out the interview in full right here.

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