Rick Ross’s ex bae, Ming Lee, confirms split on twitter. A twitter crooner wanted to get dabs on Ming since the public been rumoring of her split with Rick Ross.


Ming humbly responded:

“He is not fraud!! Good Guy just didn’t work out between us”.

Well.. There you have it, how nice of Ming to say such nice things about Ross.A couple of days ago,The MMG Boss was spotted smooched up with popular sexy vixen Lira Galore.The picture was taken with SnapChat and encoded in the picture was “CoCo” and a couple of emoji hearts by its side.Later in the week, Ross and Lira Galore were spotted again at a weed dispensary!

I guess it’s all good in the hood since Ming doesn’t feel offended by any of this.Ming stated that things just didn’t work out and no drama is being created. So nobody needs to sip any tea or drink Vodka straight. Everybody calm down..this couple had a mutual understanding and ended their relationship well. Ross the Boss is doing his thing and that is fine since Ming ended things smoothly with him.

It’s refreshing to see old sweethearts respect each others space and not try to bash each other. Their are way more celebrities that need to be paid close attention too. That’s when the tea sipping can begin. Guy’s don’t act like y’all don’t know what i am talking about.. Ehh emmm. Tyga,Kylie, BlacChyna.. yea them. Take out a whole box of tea because y’all are gonna need it !