Floyd Mayweather’s team wasted no time killing the noise Suge Knight’s lawyer was saying about Floyd coming to pay his $10 million dollar bail next week. His Lawyer, Matthew Fletcher told the New York Daily News that Suge was expecting Floyd to come through for him next week, but even when he said it the tone was more of trying to guilt Floyd into it than it being actual reality.


According to Floyd’s team, he and Suge were in fact close at one point but there has been no contact between them for years.

Fletcher said he only made the comment to the media because it was what he was being told by Suge’s family. Well it seems his family got it wrong and nobody is coming to save him next week.

I mean we all know when it comes to reports you can never be 100% sure if truth is being told. Who knows, maybe Floyd really will bail him out next week and just didn’t want it advertised just yet. Then again this all could be a fantasy in the minds of Suge and his family.