Ja Rule

Ja Rule had a chance to represent Hip Hop culture, and himself, in a positive and intellectual way for the viewers of Fox News. He was briefly interviewed by Melissa Francis, during her business segment, and it looks like his nerves got the best of him. Ja stumbled over his words, stating the obvious about the situation in Baltimore, had no insight as to why he was backing the financial product he’s endorsing, and even gave Jeb Bush a shout-out. People are angry about this. Watch the video!

I think Ja knew the demographic that watches Fox News and tried his best to use a robust vocabulary. Unfortunately, in his efforts he talked around the answer to the most important question; Why he chose to be involved with the Millenials credit card. As brand ambassador he presented 0 benefits to the Hip Hop community. In regards to unrest in Baltimore he said, “I don’t know who’s going to step up and be our leader so to speak..” Melissa Francis jumped all over that! She chimed in right away to point out the lack of leadership in the black community. His defense was, it’s tough for entertainers to walk the line between leadership and entertainment. What I would add for Ja, is….(agghem) The obstacles urban communities face will not be solved by an individual! Every person who takes his or her time, risking life and limb, to be out in those streets facing their oppressors head on, are the leaders! These problems are systemic in nature, and even a black President (Our “Leader”) can not, in a grand scale, alter the effects of a system purposely designed to destroy a race.

Ja Rule was also asked about his thoughts for the upcoming election; and he went back and forth about who he supports, stating that both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are good candidates. Come on Ja! Jeb Bush?! He probably felt pressured because of the audience, and of course the whole idea is to sell the product, but come on Ja! Jeb Bush?!

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Source: Hot 97