Lil B tweeted yesterday that James Harden was basically going to face the same “curse” that he put on Kevin Durant back when KD dissed his music years ago. Durant has been unable to lift a championship trophy as of yet so I’m assuming Lil B thinks the curse works. Yesterday the focus was on Harden who he feels stole his cooking dance without giving proper credit.


I can’t believe I’m even writing about nonsense like this but I know some of you guys enjoy it. When was the last time you heard a hit record from Lil B? Or when have you heard him get respect from worthy rappers and or fans of hip hop who have a brain? Maybe Lil B should worry about his career being cursed. He gets mentioned more in regards to Kevin Durant and now Harden than he does for his own life.

Nonetheless, B sent the initial tweet as a warning that Harden should stop doing his cooking dance and then had a follow up tweet immediately after Harden lost the ball and the game on the final play last night. For the record, Lil B has been rooting for the Warriors even before this series so he isn’t just jumping on the Warriors band wagon to mess with Harden.

Check the gallery for the tweets full of the “curse” and check the “Cooking dance” video he put out a few years back that is the focus of this new curse