(Photos) NBA: Bun B Says Lil B Can’t Curse James Harden Because Cooking Dance Was Really Started By Pimp C

Bun B is calling b.s. on any curse coming from Lil B over the cooking dance that he claims he created. Regarding the alleged curse Lil B has over Rockets star James Harden, Bun says a curse is impossible because the dance was really created in Texas by his former legendary partner in rhyme, Pimp C and has nothing to do with him. As you might expect, Lil B had a reply for that but it was clear he has much respect for Bun.

(Photo) NBA: Lil B Puts the Based God Curse Back on James Harden

Most of this is just jokes to me but certain instances sure make the Based God curse look real… Lil B previously put the “Based God curse” on James Harden after the Houston Rockets star made the cooking dance his signature celebration and didn’t credit Lil B for creating it.  Lil B got a little busy spreading his curse and blessings around and eased up on Harden but now he’s back at it.

(Photos/Video) NBA: Again… Lil B Warns LeBron, JR, Kyrie & Shump About Doing the Cooking Dance

On Tuesday night the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated sweeping the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals and moving on to the NBA Finals.  J.R. Smith posted a video on his Instagram account of him, LeBron James, Iman Shumpert, Kyrie Irving and Kendrick Perkins in a hot tub, drinking champagne and dancing to Chedda Da Connect’s song “Flicka Da Wrist”.  They also did the “cooking dance” that’s now associated with the song.  If you didn’t already know (although I’m sure the world knows by now), the cooking dance was created by rapper Lil B and he’s been making sure everyone gives him his proper credit.

(Video) NBA: Hawks Play Lil’ B’s ‘Wonton Soup’ During Game 2 Of The Conference Finals

The Atlanta Hawks are on full superstition mode, asking Lil B the ‘based god’ not to curse them the same way he cursed James Harden for stealing his cooking dance. The Hawks even took it as far as to having the organ player play one of Lil B’s songs, ‘Wonton Soup’ during the game.

(Photos) NBA: Lil B Wants James Harden To Stop Doing His Cooking Dance Or He Will Be Cursed

Lil B tweeted yesterday that James Harden was basically going to face the same “curse” that he put on Kevin Durant back when KD dissed his music years ago. Durant has been unable to lift a championship trophy as of yet so I’m assuming Lil B thinks the curse works. Yesterday the focus was on Harden who he feels stole his cooking dance without giving proper credit.

(Video) NBA: LOL Jeff Van Gundy Imitates James Harden Doing the ‘Cooking Dance’

If you’re in the hip hop world then you’re already well familiar with the cooking dance.  It was reportedly started by Lil B but now almost everyone is doing it.  While it may have different meanings (which I won’t get into), in basketball we know somebody that’s “cooking” is doing work, performing well on the court.  James Harden started doing the cooking dance on the court after hitting a shot and now the basketball world has named it his official celebration.  On Sunday the Houston Rockets beat the Washington Wizards 99-91 and ESPN color commentator Jeff Van Gundy was on hand to provide us with sideline entertainment.

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