50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were BFF’s before money and disagreements started to get in the way. The two have publicly feuded the past couple years with Fif doing most of the talking and throwing shots at the champ. Now that the world is whole again since they are once again friends, Fif let people know Chris Brown should probably get the credit for them reconciling.


During a recent interview 50 Cent said that Chris Brown played a major part in him and Floyd Mayweather squashing their beef.

Fif and Floyd ran into one another backstage, where they seemingly let bygones be bygones. “He came back to the dressing room, the guys [with Floyd] was out in front…it turned into an altercation for a second,” said 50. “And then I go, Oh, no, no, they don’t know how to handle with Champ. Like, we got a different temperament. He got people around him that’ll do whatever he say, too. So I had to run out behind him, I got him and I’m like, ’Yo, what’s the matter with you?’ He go, ’Wow, me and you, we gonna do that?’”

After that, the two exchanged numbers and returned to being homies after publicly feuding for a very long time. According to Fif, the two were cool again. Guess it’s a good thing Breezy invited the Unit to Barclays

Fif spoke on that and some other things and you can hear for yourself below.