In an peculiar move by an educator, an extra credit assignment that suggested students pose for selfies with their parents’ sex toys has aroused controversy among parents and resulted in an investigation.

The controversy besets Wing Wah Leung, a 10th grade geometry teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda, California.

The teacher will not be on campus again for the rest of the school year, which comes to an end next week.

Two mothers told a San Francisco news publications that the sophomore students were told they would get extra credit if they took selfies with any adult toys they found in their home. Some other students told the newspaper the teacher was just facetious and that he’s known as the cool and funny teacher. It is unknown whether any students actually turned in the assignment or what the teacher may have done with the assignments. Further, it is unknown which class this was an assignment for and why.


District spokeswoman Susan Davis said when high school officials heard about the teacher’s homework assignment, they contacted the administrators with the Alameda Unified School District, who launched an investigation into the allegations, district spokeswoman Susan Davis said. Here’s a quote from the Susan Davis:

“We take reports like this seriously,” Davis said. “We know that it’s hard for the public, and especially for parents, to hear that we can’t talk about the details of the investigation in public. But that information has to be kept confidential, both to protect the rights of all involved and to preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

Instead of an investigation, parents are commanding school officials to terminate the educator.

“We know that people have a lot of questions,” Davis said. “We have questions, too, and are doing our best to get to the truth in this matter.”

Let’s see how this plays out considering the school year is near an end.