Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver admitted he was holding his breath as the biggest star in his league was down on the floor in pain. In the second quarter last night, Lebron ran into Andrew Bogut and at least to me appeared to flop in order to make sure a foul was called. Well the refs made the call but because he flopped somewhat, Bron’s momentum carried him right smack into the middle of a camera that was under the basket.


The camera man was just doing his job, even though a Nike rep who was sitting right there decided to verbally attack him on live tv. You could literally feel the city of Cleveland and state of Ohio holding its collective breath as Bron lay on the court in visible pain.

The shot to the camera led to a bunch of cuts on the back of his head and a consistent stream of blood for a while. In the end he was ok but the Cavs weren’t.

When he finally rose, he was greeted with cheers from 20,000 people who could once again breathe.