21 year old Fareed Mumuni an alleged ISIS supporter was arrested Wednesday morning as FBI agents searched his home and Mumuni lunged at the agents with a kitchen knife.

In Staten Island NY, Wednesday morning FBI agents went to Fareed Mumuni’s house because of his relation to the ISIS sympathizer from Queens, Muther Omar Saleh. Court records state that Mumuni conspired with Saleh who was arrested Saturday for conspiring to provide material to the ISIS.

It seems when FBI agents went to Mumuni’s residence Wednesday he attacked them with a kitchen knife for protection. Mumuni repeatedly attempted to stab an FBI Special Agent with a large kitchen knife. He was then arrested against his families wishes who say that Mumuni is innocent. Mumuni’s uncle, Mohammed Afonia made a statement,

“Do you think if he pull a knife you think he’d be alive? If he pull a knife, what do you think happen? You’d be shot dead there in the building”

Maybe Mumuni’s family did not know that he was under surveillance for a while with his friend Saleh for plotting a terrorist attack in New York City.

In court prosecutors claim:

“ Mumuni exposes violent jihadist beliefs and is a fervent support of (ISIS). He made efforts to participate in or support a terrorist attack in the New York metropolitan area or else where on behalf of (ISIS)”.

Mumuni is a Muslim believer even though it is early in the case Anthony Ricco, Mumuni’s lawyer say’s

“This is just a felony complaint. We got a long road to go”.

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