Draya Michele x Jas Prince

Last night, Baller Alert took notice when both Draya Michele and music exec (and Christina Milian’s ex) Jas Prince posted photos with the exact same scenery. Could they be together? Is there something romantic going on? Well, Draya came through to provide answers to both the former and the latter: yes, and a firm no, respectively.

“He’s just my friend of like 8 years,” Draya wrote in the comments of Baller Alert’s photo. “No big deal. Nothing to hide. Not romantically involved at all.”

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Draya was once romantically linked to Chris Brown way before Karrueche, and as he’s good friends with Jas (who’s also his daughter’s Godparent,) their friendship makes total sense to me. She later went on Twitter to add more insight:

As long as who I’m romantically involved with knows….. I don’t care who they try to make me seem like I’m dating. And ain’t shit changed……. Not even the scenery in my selfies [house emoji]

Considering that she just recently told TMZ that she and Orlando are still dealing with each other, seems to me like she’s saying that they’re still living together too! Hmm!

Source: Baller Alert