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So the time has come for the world to turn into #AppleMusic to see if they love it or nah! Well make sure you do some key things 1st, like figure out if you’re gonna do a plan(of course you’ll do the 3 months free 1st), or go with just your music, are you gonna just listen to songs, or turn n the radio, stream a whole album, or just listen to a song, OR go to @Connect and follow some of your favorite artists are talking about???

Tat Wza

You can see in the gallery some of your options, but let me give you a little more, like the Beats1 Radio schedule, which Apple put on a tumblr page, click here for that. Also, as far as I can tell, you have to pick a plan or do the 3 months free right away, or you won’t be able to check out the features(but remember you can cancel after the 3 months, just make sure you remember!).

Connect is cool, pick you genre, then follow the artists you like within that genre to see what they or Apple is posting about them. My fav part so far is I saw Meek’s album to stream and since it came out yesterday I haven’t had a chance to listen, but now I have a plan. When listening to music from the tunes library, you can add it to your music through a simple iTune purchase link(how convenient).

Update: How To Turn Off Automatic renewal for #AppleMusic;

Ok, just incase you want to get ahead of the 3 month FREE trial ending and don’t want to automatically pay for #AppleMusic, here’s how you can shut it down now.

1st, go inside the music app, make sure you’re on ‘For You’, which is the 1st tab on the bottom bar. then in the upper left hand corner, you’ll see a figure in a circle, click on that, it’s your account.

2nd, click on ‘View Apple ID, you’ll have to put you Apple ID password in(again).

3rd, click on ‘manage’, right under ‘Subscriptions’.

4th, you’ll see any App that you are paying a monthly subscription for, click on the ‘Your Membership; Apple Music Membership; Active’.

5th and finally, you’ll see ‘Renewal Options’, click the ‘turn off’ button, Apple will ask you to confirm, and also let you know when you FREE trail is over, then hit ‘turn Off’ again.

That’s it, you’re set NOT to just be charged IF you decide NOT to pay for #Apple Music!!!

For now, that all I have but the is def aan ongoing story so stay ‘tuned’!!!!