Well, well, well, she speaks. Following reports of Chris filing for paternity, his daughter’s mother Nia speaks, calling out, “LIES LIES LIES.” Now, if she is saying that Chris’ accusations or the reports are lies, we do not know.

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Chris Brown Files Paternity Docs, Says that he has had it with his Baby Mama. Hop into the post for more details! #IFWT!

Chris brown and his Baby Mama Nia Guzman have not been seeing eye to eye to say the least. It appears that Chris Brown is fed up with her child support and custody demands, so Chris is asking a judge to law down the law and get him in a better situation.

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Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have been at war over their one year old baby daughter ‘Royalty’. Nia Guzman is demanding $15,000 dollars a month for child support and Chris Brown doesn’t seem to think that it is very fair.

It has been reported that Chris brown just filed legal docs in Houston to establish paternity. That will give him the right to fight Nia over support and custody.

Chris Brown has been paying Nia what he belives is a fair amount but she claims he has been paying $2,500 month. He wants a judge to set the figure , which he’s confident will be closer to his number then hers.

Chris Brown also wants a judge to establish clear custody guidelines. He says that Nia has been denying him the right to see his own daughter. Therefore, Chris Brown wants the judge to set her straight.

I say that a fair amount should be no more then 4 stacks. We are talking about a baby here, the child support isn’t for the mom to spend on her self, the Baby’s needs financially are not very high. Especially if the mother is working too, which she should be. #IFWT!