Although he was not publicly in his daughter’s life until about five months ago, Chris Brown is bringing in the courts. #IFWT reported that his daughter’s mother Nia was seeking $15,000 a month in child support. However, before he makes any financial moves, Chris filed paternity documents seeking to gain joint custody of the little girl.

While he’s spending as much time as possible with daughter Royalty, there’s still something that the little girl is missing, according to her grandmother.

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Nia’s mother came from a bush when she posted to her Instagram account what exactly that $15K would be used for. “She needs security, even when she is with Nia, she needs to go to private school and she needs to live in a gated community for his own daughter’s safety,” she captions a photo of Royalty. “…period!”

Although he said that he was not going to engage in the petty intentions, Chris just couldn’t help himself. “Obviously, you aren’t looking out for my daughter by putting personal issues up on Instagram,” he writes. “I’m not going to be rude and disrespectful about this, because I know and they know I provide and take of my daughter equally,” he continued on in a lengthy response. “I filed for joint custody. ‘EQUAL’ custody. No kid needs $4K a week. Especially, when I have her two weeks out of the four.” And he goes on.

But the buck didn’t stop there as Nia got wind of these public banters. “I DID NOT SAY S**T ABOUT WHAT MY DAUGHTER NEEDS TO SOCIAL MEDIA,” Nia explains, obviously angered. “It’s nobody’s business.” She then goes on to tell, “Christopher” (HA. When real names drop, it’s a problem.) that he needs to quit with the madness.

Hmm, I don’t see this simmering down anytime soon.

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SOURCE: BallerAlert