Chris Brown Scores Huge Legal Victory Over His Daughter In Court!

Breezy just scored a big W in his battle for custody for his daughter Royalty, in court yesterday. His baby’s mother, Nia Guzman, tried to up her monthly child support payments from Brown as well as reduce how much he contact he has with his 1 year old daughter, claiming he was unfit to be a good father. The judge wasn’t having any of it and leaned unanimously in Breezy’s favor.

It’s Their Time: Chris Brown Goes At It With His Daughter’s Grandmother & Nia Steps In

Although he was not publicly in his daughter’s life until about five months ago, Chris Brown is bringing in the courts. #IFWT reported that his daughter’s mother Nia was seeking $15,000 a month in child support. However, before he makes any financial moves, Chris filed paternity documents seeking to gain joint custody of the little girl. While he’s spending as much time as possible with daughter Royalty, there’s still something that the little girl is missing, according to her grandmother. Find out more down bottom.

(Photos) Momma Breezy Goes To Twitter About Baby Royalty

It looks like Royalty is spreading love to everyone’s heart. Now, Chris Brown’s mother, grandma Joyce Hawkins is showing how grateful she is to be in the little girl’s life. Check out Momma Breezy in her feelings after the jump.

(Video) She Ain’t Worried ‘Bout Nothin! Karrueche Hits The Town After Breezy Babygate + More Baby Details

Here’s the latest in Breezy Babygate! So far, we’ve learned that Chris Brown is the father to a 9-month-old baby girl that resides in Houston, Texas with her mother, Nia. We’ve also learned that Nia is a former “Instagram model” that likes to show her body off in the clubs, and had another man believing he was the father up until TMZ revealed that it’s Breezy’s baby. We’ve ALSO learned that Karrueche is not with the sh*ts, and has since kicked her on-again/off-again boyfriend to the curb. Now for the new tea! As I speculated, the baby’s name is confirmed to be Royalty. No word on the last name just yet, though. Despite reports that Karrueche “knew” Nia because of the photos, they apparently have only met very briefly while out, and hardly know each other at all. As for Chris’ involvement, he reportedly calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby, adding that he’ll gladly fly there regularly to parent her. Now for the REAL juicy stuff, though…

The Name Of Chris Brown’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Is Revealed!

Majority of the world is still in utter disbelief over the news that broke of Chris Brown fathering a 9-month-old baby girl with Houston model who goes by the name “Nia.” Although most of us are still shocked, Breezy’s dirty dog ways were going to catch up with him eventually but this takes the cake. According to sources, Chris and Nia’s daughter goes by the name “Royalty.” Although there is no proof of whether or not Nia consulted CB prior to giving their daughter that specific name, it’s too late because that is the name printed on the baby’s birth certificate. Sources also reveal that Chris is “extremely happy” to become a father and plans to fly back and forth to Houston to help parent his seed. He has yet to publicly address the baby issue but as we all know, Breezy does not hold back via social media so I’m sure a long, intense rant is coming any day now. As for Karrueche– she claims she’s done after tweeting out “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.” Only time will tell if CB’s ride or die GF stays by his side during this topsy turvy time in their already dysfunctional relationship.

(Photo) Paternity Test Is In For The Man Who THOUGHT He Was The Dad Of Breezy’s Baby

…and the results are: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER. Unlike most episodes of Maury, however, the man who thought he was the father of this pretty little girl prior to yesterday’s news about Chris Brown is not taking this very well. In fact, our prayers are with Bah, as he seems to be doing very, very bad right now:

The child I been taking care of for so long. The child I grew into. My life is over, I just found out this child is not mine. y me god I have no longer a reason to live. goodbye

Maybe he should just go holla at Karrueche now that she’s single. Meanwhile, someone else wrote into Baller Alert anonymously, and spilled even more tea on Miss Nia and BOY, is she a mess!

(Photo) Karrueche Speaks Out For The First Time Since The Break Baby News Broke!

People have been watching Karrueche Tran’s Twitter page like a hawk since news broke last night of Chris Brown’s love child, and finally, she’s spoken! We didn’t know whether she’d already been made aware behind-the-scenes about the baby or not, but it looks like it’s “or not!”

(Photos) This Is Chris Brown’s Alleged Child’s Mother Nia, Their Daughter…And The Man Who Thought He Was The Dad

Shortly after TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown was the father of a nine-month old girl (pictured above,) the man that believed he was the father up until today took to Instagram to speak out. Via a page he’d created for their daughter, he called this “the saddest day of [his] life,” adding, “I dedicated my whole life to this family, now everything is gone…” (You can view the whole post in the gallery.) A quick scan of the 140+ photos revealed the mother in question, Nia, and some details about the family. Nia and the man involved live in Houston, Texas, and it appears they lived together. They have ties to music mogul James Prince and his son Jas Prince…which is funny, since Jas is credited as being the one to discover Drake. Breezy just can’t get away from this guy! It also appears that the little girl’s name is Royalty, though that may just be a nickname. We’ll keep you updated as we know more!

(Video) Maya Angelou Upset With Common For His Frequent Use Of The “N-Word”

Poet Maya Angelou is disappointed with one of her biggest supporters and poetry pal, Common. Angelou wrote and recited a poem for a new song by Common titled “Dreamer” off of his album The Dreamer/The Believer, in stores Dec. 20. The feud between the two stems from the Chicago MC’s frequent use of the n-word throughout the song. Continue reading, take a listen to the song, and view Common’s commentary on “The Dreamer” after the jump. @capriSUNshine

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