Music producer and former reality star Memphitz was a wanted man after he robbed a car wash attendant at gun point for his cell phone after accusing the man of stealing from his car. Memphitz is now speaking out about the incident. Read more below.

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According to Memphitz, the situation with the car wash attendant is not over but he has been to court and the judge allowed him to travel to LA to finish business. He claims that he did not “come up to this car wash and just go ham” like it’s been portrayed. He added, “F*** talking ’bout I robbed a carwash.” Police are investing and worse case scenario he’s facing a few month in jail. Mr. Mickey Wright said he was stolen from and “Maybe I handled it wrong, maybe I didn’t handle it wrong, but the state will decide that.”

Check out what he had to say about the situation below.

Source VladTV