UPDATE: Safaree revealed in a tweet just why he chose to delete all photos of his new girl Zashia Santiago. Although, he did not confirm if the couple did indeed split, he did say that it’s time for him to keep things private. In his words, ” Im a artist not a reality show star.” Zashia also deleted all photos of SB from her accounts, tweeting, “This is why I didn’t wanna come out in the first place. Ppl wanna ruin good shit.”

Hopefully, for the sake of their relationship the two of them were able to work it out and will just choose to keep their relationship more private. Click the gallery to see both of their responses.

ORIGINAL: “You win some, you lose some.” That’s what Safaree SB Samuels posted on his Twitter account this morning after he deleted all evidence from his Instagram page that he was ever in a relationship with Zashia Santiago. Looks like the couple found themselves in spiltzville after Zashia was slammed with cheating allegations.

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Safaree’s IG was previously featured a bunch of photos of him and his new girlfriend Zashaia Santiago, including proofs from a photoshoot the couple worked on together. After cheating allegations circulated through social media all photos of the once seemingly happy couple have disappeared. The only evidence of her on his IG now is a promotion flyer for King Of Diamonds event the pair will be hosting on August 13th, but that’s business.

Zashia clapped back at the rumors, that she was cheating SB with a Miami rapper, stating, “Go ahead and get your 5 seconds of fame boo..the ones that are loyal to me know who I am. I love social for the opportunity that it presents,but technology today and the ways things can be altered/edited is in sane. Smh #InGodsHands” However the proof was in the pictures for Safaree because the couple appear to be over with.

Poor Safaree!

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