It’s very rare that reality TV show couples end up lasting and from the looks of it, Benzino and Althea might be next on the list of significant others heading towards Splittsville!

The Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta duo are expecting their first child together very soon, so the pregnancy hormones are obviously kicking into full gear. Althea took to her Twitter page to let off some steam in regards to her seemingly failing relationship with Benzino. She basically implied in her post that she hit Zino and that he struck her back out of anger – pregnant and all.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“No matter how mad you get you shouldn’t treat a pregnant women f*cked up! Ever. Or hit her back *Kiss emoji* enough. Confused,” Althea tweeted out to her followers. After she posted that, Althea went on a rampage, going off about her dysfunctional relationship with her soon-to-be baby daddy.

He also then replied by saying, “Don’t matter how mad I get, I would never try to embarrass or slander the person I love or once loved…”

Things seem to be getting messy between these two! Do you think it’s just pregnancy hormones getting the best of Althea or even possibly a stunt for the show? Or do we think these two are officially dunzo? Sound off below and let us know what you think.