Shad Moss aka Bow Wow on Empire

We’ve recently reported that Bow Wow was busted for telling people that he bought a mansion when in reality he is renting it for $12K per month (which is a hefty number, so nobody was even knocking him for that). Although our story was in no way trying to necessarily “clown” the rapper/actor but more so state facts, he still seemed to feel a type of way when people began gassing him on Instagram in his comment section.

An IG user wrote to Shad Moss aka Bow Wow:

“Flex was online clowning you just cause you’re renting. As long as you have a place to sleep fam it don’t matter keep up the grind bro.”

Now in reality, no – Flex was NOT clowning anybody. In fact, I was the one who wrote that article; not Flex. However, Shad apparently didn’t even bother to read what was published and decided to go off on a tangent against Flex simply because of a comment – furthermore letting us see his true colors.

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Bow Wow wrote:

“Flex is old and he NOT a dj. He press buttons. He’s a non factor. He hogging up space, let the new young dj’s get they shine… He ride more **** then the star tenders.”

WELPPPPPPPPP… tell us how you really feel, Shad. A blog is a blog at the end of the day. If people do anything news-worthy, it gets spoken about. Let’s not mention that I put the article under the “MAYBE” category, so to say he was getting completely clowned is an exaggeration. We poke fun, yes, but that’s about it. However, it’s cool to see how people really feel about Flex (who like I said previously had NOTHING to do with writing the original article).

Check out the full interaction over in the gallery.

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