So, Nick Gordon is a cry-baby for pay. The former beau of the fallen Bobbi Kristina Brown is said to have plotted a scene of tears and sorrow just for the money.

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Earlier this month, Gordon mentioned that he would be planning his own memorial service for Bobbi Kristina – since her father banned him from attending the one he threw for his family – but we didn’t know that he really “PLANNED” it for the price of $40,000 in his pocket.

Gordon, 25, was served a $10 million lawsuit in the wrongful death of Bobbi. Now, a source tells Page Six that Nick took the money to put towards his “legal defense fund.” He needs the funds to pay off a legal team that includes Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez. “Nick is broke,” the source said. “He can’t afford to defend himself. There was a deal for that money to go to his defense fund.”

The photos show Gordon visiting the graves of Whitney Houston and Bobbi, which are right next to each other, at New Jersey’s Fairview Cemetery; clutching two bouquets of roses, kissing Bobbi Kristina’s tombstone and taking cellphone photos of it.

A representative for Gordon on taking the money:

“This is completely fabricated. I would also like to add, Page 6 [sic] isn’t a trusted source in news.” An Enquirer rep said, “The National Enquirer, more than any other publication, has been unflinching in our reporting of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown.”

Check out the eye leak feast over at the National Enquirer.

While I am still on the fence, for the sake of debate, is Nick right in setting up this entire scheme? He loved Bobbi and it was never about the money … so say him … however, h does need it for his defense team … so say him. Let us know in the comments down bottom.